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Green Pac Man Frog (Ceratophrys cranwelli)

Name:Green Pac Man Frog (Ceratophrys cranwelli)Green Pac Man Frog
Group:Amphibians - Frogs/Toads
Description:Horned frogs seem to have been designed for the sole purpose of eating as much as possible. They appear to consist of two main parts: a mouth and a stomache. The creature has eyes and legs also, of course, but they pale in significance except as aids in the capture of the next meal, when compared to the unbelievably huge mouths these guys have! This is probably where this frog got the nickname "PacMan Toad". The coloration of this species is quite varied. The more colorful forms are bright green with lots of red markings. Some are darker, with less green and lotsand lots of black markings. These frogs can grow to about 15cm, though usually the male is a lot smaller - as in, usually no bigger than 10cm. These numbers hardly give the full impression of how big they really are since usually they get to be as wide as they are long! (Not only that, but the heads, and therefore their mouths, are almost as wide as their body. Females generally reach up to 14 cm. in length and width, and males generally get 10 cm. in length and width (although there are always exceptions and "giants"!). But as a rule, females are the larger of the specie. Sexing this specie is very difficult, and the only dimorphism between the two sexes is size and that males have dark pigmented throats.
Added:Sat - 28 March 2015, 11:09:20 PM

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