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Green Tree Python (Biak) (Morelia viridis)

Name:Green Tree Python (Biak) (Morelia viridis)Green Tree Python (Biak)
Group:Snakes - Pythons
Description:Morelia viridis is a medium sized kind of python snakes. She can reach a length from 1,30 up to 2 m and is thinner than other giant snakes. In general she is aggressive. The Aru- and Sorong type remain smaller and are calmer in their way of acting. The Aru- type rarely gets longer than 1,40 m. The Sorong measures about 1,50 m. The hatched green tree Pythons are very aggressive; they snap at everything moving and then check what they have caught! The types reaching a length from 2 m, like the Biak and the Japen, are supposed to be some of the most aggressiveness increases parallel with the length. Babies hatch shining yellow, brownish, orange or glowing red out of their eggs. They start changing their colors with the begin of the third month. This period can last for up to 3 years. The reason for the different coloring of the hatched snakes and the growing ups? Scientists do not know how to explain this phenomena. Growing up snakes are most of the time in shining green, olive or light- green in their priming color with white or yellowish, beige spots or bands or with blue triangles along the spinal. The coloring varies depending on the environment.
Added:Thu - 30 September 2010, 10:34:28 PM

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