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Amel Motley/Stripe Corn Snake (Elaphe guttata)

Name:Amel Motley/Stripe Corn Snake (Elaphe guttata)Amel Motley/Stripe Corn Snake
Group:Snakes - Colubrids
Sex:Males and Females
Description:Corn snakes are native to the US. They are one of the most common snakes found in captivity due to the fact they are easy to care for and tend to be tame. Corn snakes are easy to find at pet shops and herp shows. Because of the amount of time they have been in the pet trade, their good nature and the demand from pet owners, they have been bred into many color variants. All of these factors combined make the corn snake an excellent choice for both the beginner
Added:Sat - 22 January 2011, 12:41:37 PM

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