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Normal Royal Python (Python regius )

Name:Normal Royal Python (Python regius )Normal Royal Python
Group:Snakes - Pythons
Description:A ball python's head is flat on top, with no brows above its round eyes. It has a square, boxy snout, and heavy jaw muscles that make the sides of its head, behind the eyes, bulge outwards. It can securely hold prey with the 100-150 sharp teeth that curve towards the back of its mouth. Its neck is narrower than its head, but its thick body can easily have a diameter of more than twice the width of its head. Its tail tapers to a blunt end.
Added:Thu - 30 September 2010, 10:38:16 PM

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Normal Royal Python Updated:
Normal Royal Python

Price list last updated on October 31st, 2015 at 05:05:31
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