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Welcome to the guestbook! Feel free to browse through the entries or sign the guestbook yourself. Please refrain from using profanities or obscene language and please do not direct questions about stock or the site through here, click on the contact link on the left if you need to ask a question!

great site and a great collection in the shop, i look forward to doing bussines
Added:2007-09-21 17:15:25           Ip: (Logged)

top man, fantastic snake, steve went out of his way to meet me, not only on this occasion but in the past as well. Replied to all my Qs and emails. This is the type of service that gives you confidence to go back again and again. thanks mike
Added:2007-09-14 20:16:40           Ip: (Logged)

philip w jones barrister at law
when i first learned of the living rainforest i thourght that i would be be endevouring to make a purchase of some product derived from sustainsable softtwood products from equatorial climate reigons. it came as great surprise to me on visiting the shop premises to find no such items furniture or ornaments in sight; but be confronted with a shop full of reptiles and alike both diverse in colour, form and indeed areas of the world. nevertheless my disapiontment was aleviated due to the kind help and assistance that i recived both from the propietor and staff. consequently as a discerning customer i endvoured to make a purchased left the happily the proud owner of rain forest boa snake which nowithstanding that the actual specimen in the first instance was very healthy in the instance is diong very well. pragamtic as as it may sound have elected to cut my game fishing season short and visit the living rainforest shop again so as to make further purchases.
Added:2007-09-10 20:56:18           Ip: (Logged)

Lynne Rogers
I have bought several reptiles from Steve, only managing to deal with him by phone and email, unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to visit his shop as I live so far away. The animals have all be delivered in tip top condition and totally surpassed my expectations. This is a great opportunity for me to say thankyou to Steve, and thoroughly recommend him.
Added:2007-09-06 07:15:34           Ip: (Logged)

This shop is very clean, the animals are extremely well cared for and are all in very clean tanks. Very friendly staff who are very knowledgable and are very happy to help. There is also a vast variety of animals such as snakes, lizards, spiders, tortoises, frogs and toads etc. GREAT SHOP!!!!!!!!!
Added:2007-09-02 18:08:35           Ip: (Logged)

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